Our security division has grown considerably in recent years, and delivers high quality services carried out by security staff that are all fully licensed by the Security Industry Authority; we are proud to have been granted Approved Contractor Status.

To ensure your assets are thoroughly protected, we offer a comprehensive range of cost-effective security packages and can readily tailor our services to your specific and varying needs.

bspm security guardManned guarding

Our smart, fully trained uniformed staff provide on-site security guard services wherever and whenever required – from single buildings to shopping centres and from office blocks to industrial estates. Our service covers the entire Bristol, Swindon and M4 corridor area, plus the M5 and South Wales. It has the flexibility to meet any requirement – from a regular security steward at a retail shopping facility or several guards for a building site to a full 24-hour security team at a business park.
Security staff work both on foot and in patrol vans, ensuring a highly visible site presence. Each guard is fully equipped with up-to-the-minute communication equipment, enabling continuous contact with a base control team. They also make contact at pre-set times, with an automated facility recording the call for proof of security presence. For additional quality control, our managers make random night time spot checks to ensure that staff are complying with our clients’ instructions.

Mobile patrols

We offer a mobile patrolling service using a fleet of radio-linked vans to provide external and/or internal building integrity out of hours. We can provide electronic time and place verification for specified points within a patrol area, and can carry out random or specifically timed premises locking and un-locking, fire bell testing and evacuation drills.
Our vehicles are all linked to a satellite navigation system, giving our control centre instant vehicle positioning information as well as providing historic hard-copy verification of attendance.

All of our services are covered by efficacy and contractual guarantees as well as normal insurance cover in compliance with our quality assurance certification and Government requirements.

key holdingKey holding and alarm response

A growing number of our clients in Bristol, Swindon and along the M4 corridor are relying on us as a first point of contact for out of hours alarm activation.
If an alarm is activated, our staff will swiftly attend the premises. Following pre-agreed client guidelines, they will assess the situation on site and take common sense action accordingly.

We ensure the premises are re-secured, liaise with contractors, oversee any necessary emergency repairs, and remain on-site until work is complete and the premises safe. Unless urgent, we don’t report to clients until normal office hours, leaving you to rest easy and undisturbed whilst we take care of matters.

The key holding and alarm response service is available for a small annual fee. When an alarm is activated we make a small call-out charge plus reasonable charges for any subsequent hours on site

Eviction service

It is unfortunately becoming increasingly common for unwelcome “visitors” to make themselves at home on people’s property or land, creating mess, devaluation and upheaval.

If you are a victim and can report their arrival to us within 48 hours, we can lawfully evict them from your property enlisting County Court bailiffs, experienced professionals and specialist removal vehicles.

We have a 100% eviction success rate on this basis, with all evictions carried out strictly to the letter of the law.